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    Strategic planning is a craft.  It should challenge you by forcing you to produce your best while the goal is not so overwhelming that it becomes unattainable.  Planning should move you forward in steps.  Each step opens up new and bigger opportunities along with increasing one's possibilities.
     Kathy's expert analysis will help you to convert the perception of negativity into energy that catapults you to productive thinking. As water is the main contributor to erosion that takes place over time, so it is when you coach with Kathy. In order to change your circumstances, with consistency over time, you will see things change. 

    This is where you ask yourself where the conflicts are. You evaluate your beliefs, goals, and values to see whether they are all in agreement. This is a major discovery process; one that demands understanding yourself.
    Self-analysis is where you recognize where you are stuck. There are three vital keys to living a tremendous life. If these keys are not used, success is minimal. 
          1. Know ‘what you want.’ 
          2. Know your right to have it

          3. Dance to the beat of your own drum.  
Based on your personal discoveries you put together your unique plan to begin building what you want. failure. 
·         ACTION gives life to your dream. 
·         Create a step-by-step plan that you consistently act on
·         Evaluate your progress
·         Be held accountable to your dream


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Kathy does not believe one-size-fits-all because each client is unique. It is insane to coach people that way. One of a kind challenges demands a coaching style adaptable to the client's challenge. Her coaching offers custom solutions, tailored to the client. 

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